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Long leggings

Long leggings, with small light reflective inserts, and a back pocket.
Colour: black.

MiLo are “the” Leggings: the best bottoms for both sport and comfort. Milano and London are fast paced cities, always on the run - these leggings will take you from a jog in the park to a drink downtown. Light and highly technical, seemingly simple but with an incredible fit. Like a cashmere sweater or a silk scarf, these leggings are part of the core items of any woman’s wardrobe.

Technical Specifications:
MiLo leggings are made with Emana® yarn, with bio-active minerals incorporated in the polymer matrix. Emana® absorbs the waves generated by the body and returns them in the form of “Far Infrared Rays” (FIR) waves. The interaction between the material and the skin improves blood circulation and cellular metabolism (bioactive clothing).

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